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Green Papaya
Restaurant Profile: Green Papaya
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Location: 16893 N.W 67th Avenue, Miami Lakes, FL 33015   
Parking: Free lot
Phone: (305) 826-5216
Restaurant Owners: Frankie Cuong Nguyen and Camtu Nguyen
Executive Chef: Frankie Nguyen
Pastry Chef: N/A

Type of Cuisine: Vietnamese
Signature Dishes: Special Green Papaya salad, beef noodle soup, Saigon special   
Vegetarian Options: Yes
Alcohol Served: Yes
Corkage Fee: Yes
Bottle Limit: N/A

Restaurant Hours:    
Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 11:30am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday – 11:30am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – 11:30am – 10:00 pm
Friday – 11:30am – 10:00 pm
Saturday – 12:00 pm –10:30 pm
Sunday – 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Meals Served: Lunch, dinner
Prix Fix Menu:  No
Take-Out: Yes
Delivery: No
Average Dinner Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 15% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $13.00
Average Lunch Price Range (per person, full meal, tax, 15% gratuity, w/o alcohol): $11:00
Payment Options: do you accept credit cards and if so, which ones? Visa and Master
Accept reservations: Yes
Need Reservations: No
How far in advance do you require reservations be made: At least 1 day

Accommodations for children: Yes
Dining Style: Casual
Disabled Access: Yes
Restaurant Size:  Max. Occupancy 42

Accommodate Groups: Yes  
Private Dining Room: No
Tables with Scenic Views: N/A
Outdoor Dining: No
Entertainment: No


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Green Papaya Reviews

Reviewed by: Michael Justiz, Tilza Rizzo-Caceres, Jecic Molina

Michael Justiz

Name: Michael Justiz
Occupation: Producer
Lives In: Miami 
Restaurant Pick: Green Papaya
Reviewed: Green Papaya on 11/17/12 at 7:30 pm  

Let me begin by saying this is not my first time at this restaurant and for good reason because it is that good. When you walk in you note that it is a very small space with only twelve tables. The name of the restaurant is derived from the famous 1993 Vietnamese movie “Scent of Green Papaya”. The owner’s family has run a Pho restaurant in Vietnam for generations. So this is authentic South Vietnamese cuisine. I started my journey into Indochina cuisine with a Bubble Tea of Taro root because it is a delightful opener and filled with tapioca bubbles that burst onto your palette with refreshing joy. We started our meal with a Green Papaya salad, which is shredded green papaya, red onion, herbs and graced with pork and shrimp. Every single bite has textures and flavors that compliment each other including the dressing which is very light and yet replete with piquancy.  We then moved onto the Summer Rolls which are Rice wraps also known as Goi Cuon. We had shrimp but they can also be pork, or chicken. They come with mint leaves, lettuce, and cilantro wrapped in rice paper and served with a special sauce. The sauce has a hint of peanuts to it and the flavor just allows it to soar on your palette. The freshness of the flavors within take you by surprise because at first you expect it to be heavy but then you realize how light and stimulating they are. For the main course we tried the Saigon Special and a Pho soup. The Saigon Special (Bun Tom Thit Nuong, Cha Gio) is a noodle bowl with a spring roll and your choice of protein, which I chose pork.  They provide you with a fish sauce that you toss in and stir all the vegetables, meat and noodles together. Each bite had lusciousness to it that drove you on until you couldn’t go any further. The Pho, which is a Hien Vuong Chicken Noodle Soup (Pho Ga Hien Vuong) is created from a base stock the owner starts to cook from scratch in the morning everyday so this is the real deal and the flavors prove it with every slurp, sip and chew. I have had friends of mine who are chefs and they all say that his soup stock is the best they’ve had. Mostly replete our bellies had room for one more delight… Mom's Pudding (Che Khoai Ba Ba). This is not always available but when it is you must try it because it is delightful. It is a warm sweet Yuca pudding. The warmth and sweetness just ties the whole dining experience into one happy bow on a gift that you were happy to have received and opened. Green Papaya is a dining experience worth the drive no matter where you live because there is no place like it in Miami-Dade County. 


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Tilza Rizzo-Caceres

Name: Tilza Rizzo-Caceres  
Occupation: Eyebrow Artist at Nordstrom Merrick Park
Lives In: Adventura   
Restaurant Pick: Garcia Seafood Grille and Fish Market
Reviewed: Green Papaya on 11/13/12 at 7:30 pm

Starting with the green papaya salad the burst of flavor of every ingredient like the green papaya, the crispy onions,  the peanuts, the pork, shrimp, and cilantro all married harmoniously at every bite. The roast duck noodle soup was comfort like on a rainy day as the duck was cooked to crispiness, the noodles perfect to the bite while the slow cooked broth could have easily been served alone as it was so delicious. The lemon grass beef was pungent in flavor which allowed for the delightful aroma of the lemon grass to infuse the noodles paired with it. We also had the special fried rice at the server Mary's recommendation as it did have chicken, shrimp, and ham. The rice was cooked to perfection and the flavors of each meat really gave the dish its own standing ovation as it really was almost a meal in itself, it was paired with a warm cup of exquisite broth and a small salad. Lastly, my husband and I decided to indulge in two desserts, the yucca cake and mom's pudding. the yucca cake was interesting in texture and flavor and not too sweet which I loved and topped with some coconut milk and nuts. The second dessert which was mom's pudding tasted exactly like what mom's pudding sounds like a warm little cup of comfort which was a pudding made of coconut milk and tapioca, again not too sweet at all and just the right amount.

When you are in the mood for Vietnamese comfort food in a cozy neighborhood restaurant I strongly recommend going to Green Papaya's and indulging in their home cooked dishes!


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Jecic Molina

Name: Jecic Molina   
Occupation: Controller/Transportation Industry  
Lives In: Miami 
Restaurant Pick: La CrÍperie
Reviewed: Green Papaya on 11/16/12 at 7:30 pm

Green Papaya has been my lunch spot for over seven years. I turned my co-workers on to Green Papaya and now they order take-out from there all the time. The portions are generous for the low price tag and the service is always efficient. The food has been consistently good since I began going there.  The fresh ingredients, contrasting flavors, and lightness of the food reminds me of my visit to Vietnam. Inside Green Papaya, you forget you’re in Hialeah.  



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